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Meet the Team

 Dr. Richard ("Jude") Samulski


Coming from a family of nine children, Jude's family did not have a lot of extra money to keep the kids entertained.  As such, Jude and his siblings spent a lot of time outdoors in his rural surroundings in South Carolina, learning how to use what nature provided to make forts, engage in sword fights, set up obstacles course, and engage in other activities to pass the days.  These childhood experiences allowed Jude to gain an appreciation of nature and all that it offers.  As an adult, he is an avid gardner.

As a professor at UNC, Jude is world renown for his work in pioneering the field of gene therapy.  He was instrumental in the development of several drugs for devasting childhood dieases, including spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), and several other illness.  

If see him serving ice cream, inspecting plants at the greenhouse, or overseeing the fields, please say hello.


 Hans Lenselink

Greenhouse Manager

Originally from the Netherlands, working with plants has always been Hans’s passion. He studied horticulture at the Dutch College, Larenstein, where he specialized in plant propagation and went on to work in the Westland region of the Netherlands, nicknamed the ‘Glass City’ because of its many greenhouses for the region’s horticulture. After moving to North Carolina, Hans worked as head grower and production manager planning, scheduling, and growing crops such as Bedding Plants, Vegetable Plants, Ornamental Plants, Mums and Poinsettia’s. Hans has contributed to several articles in horticultural magazines and local newspapers and received an award for being one of the best head growers at the 2018 International Convention for Horticulture and Floriculture Cultivate in Columbus Ohio. Outside of work he enjoys bird watching, hiking with his wife, Leda, and visiting his daughter, Jacqueline, at UNCC in Charlotte.


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